Our effforts in research are aimed at creating and studying the optical poperties of new materials for photonics and more specifically photonic crystals and photonic glasses. We receive or have been receiving funding from different regional leves such as local Madrid Autonomous Community, national Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (MEC), and the European Union (EU).

  • Hybrid Advanced Materials for Photonic Applications (PHAMA) Comunidad de Madrid Research Action Programme.
  • Consolider (MEC): Manipulation through optical forces and control of emision rates in photonic band gap environments.
  • Nanophotonics to realize molecular scale technologies, IST 511616 PhOREMOST: Fabrication of molecular photonics materials systems through bottom up techniques (colloidal assembly, infiltration)
  • Hierarchical integration of materials for nanophotonics (Spanish Science and Technology Fund (MCyT) project NAN2004-08834): In collaboration, fabrication of photonic materials through the integration of entities various scales ranging from nanometre (molecules, nanoparticles) to micrometre (photonic crystals) in different dimensionaliities.
  • Light generation in selfassembled photonic crystals (Spanish Science and Technology Fund (MCyT) project MAT2006-00962: Physical and chemical infiltration of light sources (oxide and semiconductor nanoparticles, molecules) in thin film artificial opals.

Future projects

  • Our long term vision tends toward the optical control and addressing of single molecules and single photons in linear and non linear regimes and the study or the role of order/disorder.